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CBL-NGWT-AUQDLG-02 - Interface Cables Auxiliary Cables

CBL-NGWT-AUQDLG-02 - Interface Cables Auxiliary Cables

Zebra Technologies

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Maximize Productivity with our Interface Cables Auxiliary Cables

Wt6000 Headset Adapter Cable (Long Version). Supports Headsets With Quick-Disconnect Connector. Recommended For Voice Directed Picking (Vdp) Applications While The Wearable Terminal Is Worn On The Hip.

Connects wired headsets with Quick Disconnect connector (i.e.HS2100 / RCH50 RCH51, BlueParrot, Voxware, and Eartec headsets) to WT6000

Provides additional strength on Quick Disconnect connector vs. CBL-NGWTAUQDLG-01.

Built to ensure the highest quality, reliability, and performance.

Works with Zebra's high-end performance products.

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