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KT-FLC9000-LV - Docks/Cradles/Chargers Cradles

KT-FLC9000-LV - Docks/Cradles/Chargers Cradles

Zebra Technologies

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Maximize Productivity with our Docks/Cradles/Chargers Cradles

Mc90/Mc91/Mc92 For Lift Cradle Low Voltage Kit: Includes Mc90/Mc91/Mc92 Forklift Cradle Flc9000-1001R, Low Voltage Power Converter Pwrs-14000-252R And Power Input Cable 25-103872-02R

For 12, 24 nominal VDC vehicles of MC92

Does not work with MC90xx-R (RFID)

Designed to withstand extreme vibration and shock

Works with Zebra's high-end performance products.

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