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WT63B0-KS0QNENA - Wearable Computers

WT63B0-KS0QNENA - Wearable Computers

Zebra Technologies

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Maximize Productivity with our Wearable Computers

Wt6300 Wearable Terminal, Touch Display, Keypad, Standard Battery (3350Mah), 3Gb Ram/32Gb Flash, Android 10 Gms, English, Us, Canada, Puerto Rico. Mounts Must Be Ordered Separately

Purpose-built wearable computer that mounts comfortably on your wrist with a low center of gravity and is one of the lightest wearables in it's class minimizing muscle effort and worker fatigue

Keypad option with familiar user interface makes it easy to migrate from legacy Windows CE wearable compters without making any changes to the look and feel of your application screens or user workflows, minimizing user re-training

Built on the the most powerful 'ultimate series' Android platform and processor; available on Android 10 with pathway to Android 11 for future-proofing

Backwards compatible with the WT6000 accessory ecosystem (batteries, cables, charging cradles, etc.)

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