Announcing the Zebra MC9400 / MC9450, the ultimate ultra-rugged enterprise handheld computers.

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The MC9400 / MC9450 are the evolution of the industry’s leading MC9000 series mobile computers designed to be a drop-in upgrade for the MC9300. The MC9450 is ready for the needs of today, and for the digitization of the future. With both private and public data-only 5G cellular, the MC9450 can cover all traditional WiFi environments, while also being ready to head out into the field, or service pop-up sites during periods of peak or seasonal activities. The MC9450 is also perfect for facilities with less-than-ideal, or no WiFi coverage due to deployment and maintenance costs – such as yards, ports, and other expansive areas. With 5G, Wi-Fi 6E, a keyboard and a touchscreen all in one device, you can meet the needs of practically any worker, any app, anywhere - inside the facility or out in the field. The MC9400 is an ideal fit for environments where cellular data is not required, building on the legacy of the industry leading ultra-rugged MC9000 family. The MC9400 guarantees an ultra-durable and reliable device for any environment, even if that takes you into challenging conditions, such as near hazardous materials (Class 1 Div 2) or into sub-freezing temperatures.


Backwards Compatible:

The MC9400 / MC9450 is fully backward compatible with MC9300 accessories and batteries. All existing accessories can be used on the MC9400 / MC9450 without the need for adapters or replacement parts! With a broad range of new and enhanced features that will further extend its value and use case applications, the MC9400 / MC9450 has more features and more performance all within the same rugged, reliable form factor.

Available Stock


Features include:

  • Platform: Qualcomm 4490 2.4GHz Octa-core processor with 6GB/128GB Memory to enable today’s and tomorrow’s applications.
  • Operating System: Releasing on Android 13, upgradable to Android 17 – get the latest features and security benefits with LifeGuardTM for AndroidTM
  • Data Capture: The next generation SE58 scan engine makes its debut in the MC9400 / MC9450 with best-in-class extended range imager capable of unprecedented long range and enhanced standard range scanning. A revolutionary small footprint accompanied with dual imager functionality to empower use cases across verticals. More than just extended range, IntelliFocus drives unparalleled performance to take advantage of variable focus offering improvements on maximum decode range, as well as significant improvements on fixed focus decoding at nearer distances. The SE58 also comes standard with a high visibility green laser aimer, up to 7x brighter than a red aimer dot, and providing 10ft of visibility in direct sunlight. 
  •  Cellular Option: Introducing the first ever 5G (Private + Public) data-only cellular connection to our key-based handheld mobile computer lineup. All new on MC9450 SKUs to open new use cases and modernize traditional workflows. The MC9450 brings yet another new and highly anticipated feature to the MC9X line of mobile computers. The MC9450 is ready for the future today, capable of connecting to both private (CBRS and Private 5G LTE) and public networks*. Whether your operations bring you outdoors, or you are ready to venture into the growing world of private 5G, the MC9450 will take you there. All MC9450 models come standard with eSIM, as well as a nano SIM card slot.
  • WLAN: Now with Wi-Fi 6E** capability to improve efficiency, reduce network congestion, and increase throughput with the latest in Wi-Fi technology allowing more devices to share each Wi-Fi channel more effectively thereby increasing channel throughput, reducing latency, and increasing overall system performance. This means more responsive applications in congested areas. Better security with WPA3, which uses the latest security protocols, enabling stronger authentication and increased cryptographic strength.
  • Bluetooth Beacon PowerPrecision+ Battery. Available with Device Tracker which continues to locate lost devices even when the battery is low, or the device has powered down.
  • Color camera: 8 MP front facing camera enabling Biometric Authentication and Facial Recognition
  • Cold Storage: Heated touch panel and scanner exit window on optional Freezer SKUs – mitigating frosting of the glass and reducing downtime.
  • Application enablement: All Touch Terminal Emulation, powered by Ivanti, is pre-licensed and pre-loaded on the MC9400 / MC9450.
  • Enterprise Browser is a powerful, next generation industrial browser that enables developers to build feature-rich web applications that integrate seamlessly with the features in Zebra mobile computers and peripherals. Enterprise Browser’s feature-rich mobile application development tool allows users to seamlessly integrate the browser into the native peripherals of a device, while enabling barcode scanning, signature capture and much more.
  • Zebra Device Tracker eliminate the hassle of time-consuming searches for lost devices. A cloud based solution that gives frontline workers, managers, and administrators near-instant visibility into the location and status of their devices. When mobile devices go missing, there’s more at stake than misplaced equipment. Companies risk productivity loss, decreased efficiency, increased labor, and ineffective customer service. Easily find misplaced devices even if the device is turned off or the battery is depleted when using the optional BLE enabled battery.



The MC9400 / MC9450 lineup is completely backward compatible with the MC9300 accessory ecosystem – take full advantage of existing accessories without the need for any type of adapters or replacement parts. This includes all batteries and field replaceable keypads! If you use the MC9300 today, you will be able to drop in the brand new MC9400 / MC9450 series without any need to change your current infrastructure.

Available Stock
MC9400 Series Mobile Scanners, 5G capable, WI-Fi 6E, MC9400, MC9401, MC9450
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