We support optimization in all warehouse and logistics processes. 

 Receiving Operations: We can help increase the speed and accuracy of receiving by implementing technology to rapidly reconcile advance ship notices (ASNs), to quickly sort materials and accurately locate each piece of a shipment. This area of the business is also one of the first places we look to automate because the effects are felt downstream. 

 Returns Management Operations: According to Zebra, 81% of warehouse leaders have plans to expand their returns management operations in the next five years, which 40% say is fueled by consumer demand. Upgraded technology (mobile and printing) and the use of barcode scanners can help your users drive productivity. 

 Put-Away Operations: In this area of the business, it’s critical to eliminate errors that will impact picking and replenishment. Long-range scanners are key as well as vehicle mounted computers and tablets for forklift operators. Our team of supplies experts can assist with warehouse location signage and printing consumables like labels and ribbons. 

 Cross-docking Operations: Every minute counts in cross-docking and that’s why a good partner is essential. Mobile technology and data capture solutions can make sure that the right shipments are put on the right trailers in the right order at the right time. The goal here is to deliver better operational visibility to help orchestrate the movement of goods, equipment, and workers in a very busy area. 

 Picking Operations: From our partner Zebra, picking operations can account for almost 50% of warehouse labor and is often an area with frequent turnover—as high as 30% annually! For these reasons, picking is a great logistics process to optimize with modern mobile devices. You’ll want to leverage devices on the Android platform to help accelerate onboarding. 

 Packing Operations: Packing is the last chance to verify order accuracy. By digitizing this part of your operations, you’ll be able to confirm that each item matches the pick list. Digitization also means your system will be able to tell the user which carton to use and will print the right address label. Our supplies team can help consolidate costs around the printing and labeling function in packing. 

 Staging Operations: You don’t want parcels ending up on the wrong trailer because of improper staging. With advanced data capture and mobile technology, you’ll be able to confirm that goods are properly organized. You’ll quickly be able to find any missing pallets to ensure all orders are complete. This is a great process to add real-time locationing to automatically verify staging accuracy. 

 Loading Operations: With increasing demands, rising volume of packages, and shrinking delivery schedules, there is no room for error or delays. Using modern vehicle mount computers, scanners, and beacons, it’s possible to optimize trailer space, meet shipment times, and reallocate labor through efficiency gains.

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