What is LPN labeling and how it can help speed up logistics?


LPN Labelling is used in an internal track & trace system and can be applied to various processes. This gives you real-time insight into stocks, the location of goods and the status of orders. An LPN Label is a label with a reference number, or a License Plate Number (LPN). An LPN Label is a pre-printed label with a unique number, which only fits on one pallet or one box.

The product packaging (box, envelope, bag or float packaging) is labelled with an LPN Label. Information about the relevant packaging is linked to the License Plate Number, such as relevant dates, batch numbers, color codes or hazards. When the LPN Label is scanned elsewhere in the warehouse, the person in charge knows exactly what should happen to it, where it should go, what it contains and what the dangers are.


Trends in LPN labeling


The demand for color, color variations, dynamic content and durability in LPN Labels is on the rise. After all, a color label is easier to recognize on a pallet of boxes. Also, the color of the label can indicate when goods have arrived, for whom they are intended, where they are going or other relevant information.

The use of a lesser quality paper is usually sufficient for most applications. An LPN Label is in fact a cheap consumable. However, the demand for a longer lifetime of the LPN Label is increasing. As a result, opting for Poly composite materials that are more wear-resistant and can better withstand changing conditions is becoming more and more usual.


How to switch to LPN labels

 The new demand for LPN Labels changes the production of the labels. Barrdega produces LPN Labels with high quality and accuracy, so that the logistic process is accelerated. The customer can rest assured that the barcode is scanned immediately at the first attempt, that the content is read correctly and that the labels fulfil its purpose.

The entire order tracking process depends on the capacity of the scanner that reads the LPN barcode. The speed and capacity determine the barcode reading quality and thus the material and ink of the label.


The best way to produce LPN labels

 Depending on the quantity of the labels and the application, Barrdega determines together with the customer what the most cost-effective solution is for the company. Do we opt for a thermal printing technique with a ribbon? Which label materials (paper, plastic or glue) do we choose? These questions determine the price of the label and also the efficiency of the solution.

To ensure that the label is suitable for the application, we also offer the right labeling system. This prevents labels from coming off too early or too late and causing delays in the process. In the event you are using P4 Warehouse, Barrdega can generate the LPN numbers in your WMS and print these on our in-house high speed printers. This means when you receive the labels they are pre-programmed in the WMS and ready to function. 


Serialization software for LPN labeling

Barrdega offers a free database management system to ensure that the LPN labels are serialized correctly, thus avoiding duplicate barcode labels. This is important when there are multiple warehouses/locations working with the same Warehouse Management System, especially within the pharmaceutical industry. Barrdega also offers a specialized serial barcode program to assist in generating the LPN sequence you require.



LPN label formats

LPN labels come in different formats, including the following:

  • Single rolls: standard rolls with consecutively printed barcode labels, available in most sizes.
  • Single Twin Rolls: two identical labels that are on the roll next to each other or after each other. These are often used by companies that process smaller pallets, crates and/or boxes.
  • Single Dual Rolls: a label with two sets of contents per label. They can be applied around the corner of a pallet and are often ordered sequentially.
  • Dual Twin Rolls: a label with two sets of contents with an exact copy next to it on the roll. These are often used in large distribution centers handling large pallets, where up to four sides of a pallet are labeled.



Delivery schedules for LPN labels

Barrdega delivers LPN labels to large online retailers, distribution centers, e-fulfilment companies and in the e-commerce logistics. In order to do this, we control our LPN label stock and make sure that LPN labels are delivered on time, so that the continuity in the logistic process is guaranteed. Through Barrdega global network, LPN labels can always be produced and delivered on time.

Besides LPN labels, Barrdega creates, produces and maintains complete labeling and printing solutions for production and logistic processes. We also sells Zebra brand label printers, print ribbons and labels. This makes us a reliable labeling & coding partner.


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