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CBA-RF3-C09ZAR - Interface Cables Serial/RS232 Cables

CBA-RF3-C09ZAR - Interface Cables Serial/RS232 Cables

Zebra Technologies

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Maximize Productivity with our Interface Cables Serial/RS232 Cables

Cable - Rs232: Db9 Female Connector, 9Ft. (2.8M) Coiled, Power Pin 9, Txd On 2, True Converter, -30°C

Certified Zebra Accessory.

This genuine accessory is made to work with select Zebra products.

When connected to STB3678/FLB3678, will charge a fully depleted battery in about 5 hours if host provides 1A current or about 10.5 hours if host provides 500 maH current

Choose Zebra accessories for the best compatibility.

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