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CBL-MC93-USBCHG-01 - Interface Cables USB Cables

CBL-MC93-USBCHG-01 - Interface Cables USB Cables

Zebra Technologies

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Maximize Productivity with our Interface Cables USB Cables

Mc93 Usb And Charge Cable, Provides Fast-Charge When A Mc93+ Battery And A Wall Adapter Is Used, It Also Allows Usb Communication To The Device When Connected To A Pc. Requires: Cbl-Tc2X-Usbc-01 And Wall Adapter Pwr-Wua5V12W0Us

Attaches to charge/communicatonport on bottom of MC9300.

Will charge battery in MC9300 from 0-90% in as little as 3.5 hours when usedwith USB Power Supply (PWRWUA5V12W0xx)

Only compatible with MC9300.

Works with Zebra's high-end performance products.

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