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CRD3X01-401EES - Docks/Cradles/Chargers Cradles

CRD3X01-401EES - Docks/Cradles/Chargers Cradles

Zebra Technologies

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Maximize Productivity with our Docks/Cradles/Chargers Cradles

Mc30/Mc31/Mc32 4 Slot Ethernet Charge Cradle Kit. Includes: 4 Slot Ethernet Cradle Crd3X01-4001Er, Corresponding Power Supply And Dc Line Cord. Must Order Country Specific 3-Wire Grounded Ac Cord Separately.

Allows speeds up to 1 Gb

Does not charge spare batteries.

Does not support MC3090Z/MC3190Z(RFID) units. Device's back housingand antenna interfere with fit intocradle.

Works with Zebra's high-end performance products.

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