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P4 Warehouse

P4 Warehouse

Barrdega Software

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P4 Warehouse (Warehouse Management Software) can be installed and running in your warehouse within weeks, rather than months.

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P4W is a cloud-based warehouse management system (WMS) that helps businesses of all sizes   optimize their warehouse operations.

It offers a wide range of features, including:

  •  Order picking and packing
  • Warehouse analytics
  •  Inventory management
  • Mobile app
  • Receiving and put away
  • Multi Lingual
  • Shipping and returns
  • Multi Warehouse
  • Email Scheduling
  • 3PL Warehousing
  • Custom Labeling and Reporting
  • ...And so many more

P4 Warehouse is a scalable and flexible solution that can be configured to meet the needs of any business. It is also easy to use and manage, even for businesses with limited IT resources.

Designed for what you need!

While most corporate warehouse management solutions are overly complex /or prohibitively expensive for the average warehouse or distribution center, P4 Warehouse WMS is lean and fit for purpose. Most warehouses have no need for overly sophisticated functionality that was designed for much larger and more complex businesses. P4 Warehouse WMS has been built to meet the needs of the average warehouse and does not suffer from functional bloat. With P4 Warehouse you are not paying for complexity and functionality you will never need.

Contact us for a deeper discussion or visit us:

At P4.Software!

WhatsApp 1-949-419-4782

Pricing Per Concurrent Licences Per Month (Recommended Min. 3 Licenses). Pricing Options and Installation/consulting services available.


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