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DS3678-DP3U4212S1W - Ultra-Rugged Scanners

DS3678-DP3U4212S1W - Ultra-Rugged Scanners

Zebra Technologies

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Maximize Productivity with our Ultra-Rugged Scanners

Ds3678-Dp Rugged Vibration Standard Cradle Usb Kit: Ds3678-Dp2F003Vzww Scanner, Cba-U42-S07Par Shielded Usb Cable, Stb3678-C100F3Ww Cradle, Pwr-Bga12V50W0Ww P/S, Cbl-Dc-451A1-01 Dc Cord, 23844-00-00R A/C Cord

Unstoppable Performance for Direct Part Marks (DPM) and 1D/2D Barcodes 

Includes Zebra's DataCapture DNA technology platform of highly intelligent firmware, software, utilities and apps

Extreme temperature rating built to handle extreme cold, heat and more

Complimentary Tools for Easy Deployment and Management across an enterprise

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