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DS8178-HCBU210FS5W - Healthcare Scanners

DS8178-HCBU210FS5W - Healthcare Scanners

Zebra Technologies

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Ds8178-Hc Fips Desk/Wall Cradle (With Fasteners) Usb Kit: Ds8178-Hcmf00Bvmww Scanner, Cba-U21-S07Zbr Shielded Usb Cable, Cr8178-Sc100Fbww Cradle, Fast-Pc0081W-Q1 Fasteners

Captures barcodes on IV bags, foil medpacks, syringes, small vials and other items that competitive healthcare scanners struggle with

On-demand power gauge assures sufficient power to get through your shift, and the self-reporting Smart Battery warns when it nears the end of it's life; or avoid batteries altogether and use a Zebra PowerCap supercapacitor to power the DS8178-HC

Intuitive feedback modes, like Zebra's night mode with vibrate enable clinicians to focus on patients, not scanners.

Complimentary industry preferred software tools for easy deployment and management across all your facilities

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