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TC520K-1HEZU4P-NA - Handheld Touch Computers

TC520K-1HEZU4P-NA - Handheld Touch Computers

Zebra Technologies

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Maximize Productivity with our Handheld Touch Computers

Tc52, Hc Wlan, 5.0, Gms, 4Gb/32Gb, Se4710, Li-Ion Battery, Ptt, Voip Ready, Nfc, Usa, Canada, Puerto Rico

Built from the ground up with medical grade plastics, the TC52-HC can withstand regular cleaning with over 30 disinfectants.

The ultra-powerful processor provides superior performance on all voice and data apps. You get built-in support for future versions of Android and future apps, such as artificial intelligence.

Give healthcare workers better voice connections for better collaboration. Workforce Connect PTT Express is pre-installed and pre-licensed, enabling push-to-talk right out of the box with any other worker carrying any PTT Express-enabled Zebra mobile c

Advanced scanning technology and PRZM Intelligent Imaging deliver lightning-fast capture of printed and electronic 1D and 2D barcodes in virtually any condition even on curved or uneven surfaces like medicine vials and medical bags.

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