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TC520L-1YLMU7T-NA - Handheld Touch Computers

TC520L-1YLMU7T-NA - Handheld Touch Computers

Zebra Technologies

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Maximize Productivity with our Handheld Touch Computers

Tc52Ax, Na Wi-Fi 6, Se5500 Imager, Bluetooth Beacon Battery, Powerprecision Plus+, Battery, 4150 Mah

TC52ax will provide Wi-Fi 6 technology enabling up to 8x faster throughput speeds, 10x better traffic density and lower latency than previous Wi-Fi technologies

Available with the option to find and track misplaced devices. The unique solution combines on-device technology with the Zebra Device Tracker cloud application or certified 3rd party tracking applications to locate devices up to two weeks later even when

Supports Workstation Connect which provides a true multi-tasking desktop experience

All accessories are backward compatible with the TC52X/TC57X series

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