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Z92-000C0000US00 - ID Card Printers

Z92-000C0000US00 - ID Card Printers

Zebra Technologies

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Maximize Productivity with our ID Card Printers

Printer Zxp Series 9; Dual Sided, Us Cord, Usb, 10/100 Ethernet

Traditional direct-to-card printers use a printhead that prints through a ribbon directly onto the card. Retransfer printers print onto a flexible, transparent film that is then thermally bonded to the card creating a more durable, scratch-resistant produ

Ensure security and reduce the likelihood of forgeries with best-in-class re-transfer and laminate technology - including holographic images. Experience extremely low cost-per-card operation with Zebra's patented waste-free laminate technology featuring l

Zebra's patented dual-sided, simultaneous retransfer printing design eliminates the need for the printer to mechanically flip cards during production.  This engineering makes throughput even faster, and it reduces the risk of costly mechanical errors and

Reduce printer downtime with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology and QR codes that give you instant access to printer information and support. Obtain on the spot gudiance and troubleshooting tips through the dedicated web support page featuring how-

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