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P1061022-023 - Printer Parts Spare Part Kit - Label

P1061022-023 - Printer Parts Spare Part Kit - Label

Zebra Technologies

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Maximize Productivity with our Printer Parts Spare Part Kit - Label

Repair Kit for Flat Flex Cable, MLB to LCD Interface, 23-Pin, Model ZD500

Zebra P1061022-023 Printer Upgrade Kit

The Zebra P1061022-023 is an essential upgrade kit designed to maintain and enhance the performance of select Zebra industrial printers. This kit is an official Zebra product, ensuring compatibility and high-quality standards.

Key Features

  • Compatibility: Designed specifically for certain Zebra industrial printer models, ensuring seamless integration.
  • Contents: Includes essential components for printer maintenance and functionality enhancements, such as firmware updates, replacement parts, and installation tools.
  • Functionality: Aids in maintaining the optimal performance of printers, helping extend their operational lifespan and improve reliability.
  • Official Product: As a genuine Zebra accessory, it meets the rigorous quality standards expected from Zebra technologies.


  • Efficiency: Reduces downtime by providing necessary maintenance tools and parts for quick repairs and updates.
  • Cost-effective: Helps avoid the need for frequent replacements of the entire printer by allowing timely upgrades and repairs.
  • Support: Backed by Zebra's comprehensive support and warranty, ensuring assistance and coverage for any issues.


This upgrade kit is ideal for businesses that rely on continuous printing tasks and require minimal disruption in their operations, such as manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and logistics companies.

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